Curriculum: 3 Majors

T3L is a two-year program in translation which combines classes, research dissertations and a four to six-month internship. Students may join in the first or the second year, according to their background and professional goals.

We offer a choice of three majors:

* Livre - literary and humanities translation:

Focusing on the translation of literary and theoretical texts, students will learn to deal with a variety of translation problems, styles, and types of publications.

* Loi - legal translation:

Students will work on legal texts coming from a variety of national and international sources. They will also be introduced to the specificities of legal writing, comparative law and legal analysis.

* Ligne - online media translation:

Students will learn to deal with the translation of web-based contents, and to master new information and communication technologies, both from a technical and an editorial viewpoints.

Students in all three majors will learn to use TenT-tools (Translation Environment Tools), and will build strong writing and documentary research skills.

In the second year they will follow a class dedicated to the practical and legal aspects of the profession and go through a compulsory internship of four to six months in a variety of established companies (publishers, lawyers, media companies, web agencies and developers)


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